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Over 35 Years Of Servicing & Repairing Spas Throughout The Entire Valley

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ProTech Spa Service Is 5-Star Rated On Google ProTech Spa Service Is 5-Star Rated On Yelp ProTech Spa Service Is 5-Star Rated On Angi ProTech Spa Service Is A+ Accredited Business On BBB
IPSSA Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, Inc.
ProTech Spa Service Is 5-Star Rated On Google IPSSA Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, Inc. ProTech Spa Service Is 5-Star Rated On Angi ProTech Spa Service Is 5-Star Rated On Yelp ProTech Spa Service Is A+ Accredited Business On BBB
Certified Hot Tub Maintenance Technicians

Certified Hot Tub Maintenance Technicians Available 7-Days A Week

Inner Components Of A Jacuzzi

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Professional Spa Repair Services For Every Make & Model

Family Owned & Operated Spa Repair Company

Pro Tech Spa Service is family owned and operated. We have been servicing spas in the Valley of the Sun since 1998. We take our customer’s needs seriously! Being family owned, our reputation matters. We are honest and won’t sell you what you don’t need. With Pro Tech Spa Service you can be assured an honest, quality assessment- the first time! Our reviews speak for themselves. With a dedicated team of experts, we take pride in delivering top-notch repairs to ensure your spa functions at its best. Whether you have a minor issue or a major malfunction, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable repair services, keeping your relaxation oasis in perfect working condition. Trust us for all your spa repair needs, and let us help you maintain your investment in relaxation and wellness.

Hot Tub Repair Contractors Specializing In

  • water dropPump & Heater Replacements

    Specializing in pump and heater replacements, we are your go-to experts for reliable repairs, ensuring your hot tub stays warm and fully functional for your relaxation needs.

  • water dropControl Board Repair

    Our hot tub repair contractors are experts in control board repair, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure the smooth operation and precise control of your spa’s functions.

  • water dropSpa Equipment, Electrical & Plumbing Inspections

    At ProTech Spa Service, we conduct thorough spa equipment inspections, as well as electrical and plumbing assessments, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and optimal performance of your spa.

  • water dropCover Lift Installations

    Ensure a proper cover lift installation with our experts, making it convenient for you to open and close your spa cover effortlessly while ensuring its longevity and functionality.

  • water dropLeak Detection & Repair

    We specialize in leak detection and repair, promptly identifying and resolving any water leaks in your spa to maintain its structural integrity and prevent further damage.

  • water dropCustom Fitted Covers

    ProTech Spa Service is skilled in providing and installing custom-fitted covers, ensuring a perfect fit for your spa that not only enhances its installation but also adds an aesthetic to your spa!

  • water dropSwim Spa Inspections For Home Buyers & Sellers

    If you’re buying or selling a home and in need of a swim and spa inspection, our contractors provide comprehensive inspections, ensuring the accurate assessment of the aquatic amenity.

  • water dropNew Spa Installations

    Not only do we provide quality repairs, we also provide top-notch new spa installs. Trust us to provide the relaxation and wellness spa in your home.

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Technician Checking The Water Flow In A Hot Tub
5-Star Rated Review

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Phoenix Spa Service Company With 5-Star Rated Reviews

Our Hot Tub was as good as new, the repair was an incredible job, and they are very respectful.

Amazing service and knowledge! Picked up the phone when I called and remained very responsive throughout the day as Chrsitina provided me with options. My hot tub was requiring a new board and Christina went above and beyond in securing a timeline and price real time. Most importantly, she trusted my diagnosis as I already had the spa manufacturer out to tell me what the problem was. Other companies I called today insisted they had to diagnose it for themselves and charge me a $125 fee to do such. Shop local and support this family-owned business. They will not let you down.

– Debbie Stanton, AZ –

David did a great job fixing my hot tub after the last repair guy did not install the correct part. He was efficient and knowledgeable and I highly recommend this company.

Brian Wiggs – AZ


I was very happy with the technician and his professionalism. He found other problems that I didn’t even know about. He even measured my spa for a new top cover that my dogs tore up.I will definitely use this company again.

James Witherspoon – AZ


ProTech’s David came out on time and quickly identified the issue with my jacuzzi. He was knowledgeable and personable. Would highly recommend ProTech Spa for any spa service.

Shannon Simon – AZ


Buying or Selling a Home With a Spa?

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Benefits Of Choosing Our Spa Repair Company

Licensed, Bonded, And Insured Company

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Company

Our spa company is proud to hold licenses, bonds, and insurance, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism, accountability, and the protection of our clients and their investments in spa services.

We Guarantee And Warranty All Of Our Work

We Guarantee & Warranty All Of Our Work

We stand behind the quality of our services and offer a guarantee and warranty for all the work we perform, providing our customers with assurance and peace of mind that their spa-related issues will be resolved to their satisfaction.

Online Scheduling And E-Billing

Time-Saving Online Scheduling & E-Billing Solutions

We offer the convenience of online scheduling, allowing our customers to easily book appointments at their convenience, and our e-billing streamlines the payment process, making it quick and hassle-free for our clients to manage their spa-related expenses.

Financing Options

Simple & Flexible Financing Options

Affordability is important, which is why we offer straightforward and flexible financing options for your spa services. Our aim is to make it easier for our clients to enjoy the benefits of spa treatments without financial constraints.

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Technician Repairing Backyard Hot Tub

Upgrade & Repair Your Spa With Top-Quality New Parts

1-Year Parts And Labor Warranty

1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty On All Spa Repairs And Services

Elevate your spa experience by upgrading and repairing it with top-quality new parts, and rest assured with our 1-year parts and labor warranty on all spa repairs and services, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We prioritize the longevity and performance of your spa, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our work.

Original Parts From Manufacturer

Spa Parts From Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Suppliers

Our commitment to excellence in spa repair and maintenance is evident in our sourcing of spa parts exclusively from OEM suppliers. This means that we prioritize the use of parts that are specifically designed for your spa’s make and model, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance. With OEM parts, you can trust that your spa will receive the highest-quality components.

Spa & Hot Tub Repair Company Headquartered In Phoenix

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Spa Repair Services

How Often Should I Get My Spa Or Hot Tub Serviced?

The frequency of spa or hot tub servicing depends on factors like usage, climate, and specific manufacturer recommendations. However, a general guideline is to have your spa serviced at least once a year for routine maintenance, with additional check-ups if you notice any issues or irregularities in its performance.

What Does A Typical Hot Tub Maintenance Service Include?

A typical service includes tasks such as cleaning and sanitizing the spa, checking and balancing the water chemistry, inspecting and cleaning the filters, inspecting and lubricating mechanical components, and ensuring all safety features are functioning correctly. It also involves addressing any minor repairs or adjustments needed to keep the hot tub running smoothly and efficiently.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Spa?

To extend the life of your spa, it’s crucial to maintain a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, including water chemistry management and filter cleaning. Additionally, protecting your spa from extreme weather conditions, using a well-fitting cover, and following manufacturer guidelines for water temperature and usage can significantly contribute to its longevity.

What Are Common Signs That My Spa Requires Repair?

Common signs that your spa may require repairs include issues like inconsistent water temperature, unusual or loud noises, water leaks, malfunctioning jets or pumps, and error messages on the control panel. Additionally, if you notice a decrease in water quality despite regular maintenance, it may be an indicator that your spa needs attention or repair.

Do You Offer Emergency Repair Services For Spas That Suddenly Stopped Working?

Absolutely! We understand that spa emergencies can happen, and we provide prompt emergency repair services for spas that suddenly stop working, ensuring that you can quickly get back to enjoying your relaxation oasis. Our team is ready to address your urgent needs and restore your spa’s functionality as soon as possible. Contact ProTech Spa Service today for more information!

How Long Does A Typical Spa Maintenance Service Take?

The duration of a typical spa maintenance service can vary depending on several factors, including the size and type of the spa, its current condition, and the specific tasks involved. Generally, a routine spa maintenance service may take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. However, more extensive or complex maintenance, such as draining, cleaning, and refilling the spa, can take several hours or even an entire day to complete.

What services do you offer for individuals buying or selling homes with spas?

Buying or Selling a home with a spa? We can inspect the spa and provide you with a written report of its working order. We test the entire spa and provide an accurate assessment of it’s current condition.

What sets your parts apart from competitors, and what kind of warranty do you provide on your services?

Our parts are always new and of the highest quality available in the market. We use new parts from OEM suppliers. We do not use rebuilt or refurbished parts. Because of this, we confidently offer a 1 year parts AND labor warranty on most jobs.

What are your options for scheduling spa service appointments, and how do you handle billing and payments for your services?

We offer convenient scheduling through our online systems. Can’t be present for your appointment with our spa tech specialist? NO PROBLEM! No one needs to be present as long as there is access to your spa! We will update you via text message on the status of your service call. We offer quick e-billing! You will receive an emailed invoice for our service call immediately after our visit. Follow the link to make payment through our web-processor. Easy financing is available for qualified individuals.

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